2014 NBA Draft Recap- Raptors

#20 Bruno Caboclo:

The Cons:
1. He is such an unknown. Maybe that’s a good thing, but the fact that almost nobody knows who this guy is kind of worries me. Could he have been taken later? Sure he could have, but we don’t know exactly how late and I think it’s highly doubtful that the Raptors would have gotten him at 37, as some are suggesting.

2. Continuing with the first point, he was such an unknown that he was not on any of the Mock Draft boards as far as I know. Maybe some did, who knows. But from what I’m seeing, everybody seems to be saying the same thing. That he was either not there, or projected as very late in the second round.

3. He’s years away from being NBA ready. First it was that he would not play in the NBA for a couple seasons. Now apparently he’s in the process of getting his VISA in order to play in the NBA next season.

The problem with that being the Raptors just extended a coach who thought it was a good idea to play Alan Anderson over Terrence Ross, Chuck Hayes over Jonas Valanciunas, John Salmons over Landry Fields, etc.

How does a player fairly new to basketball fit into the equation with a coach who clearly prefers veterans? Casey is not the type of coach who has shown patience with young players. Someone with such little experience would likely be no different and perhaps even worse off.

Needless to say, I think that the Raptors would be doing him a huge disservice by bringing him over to the NBA at this stage in his career, especially if the Raptors continue to have playoff aspirations. The roster spot may be better served for a player who can help them immediately. The last thing I want to see a young player like that do is be glued to the bench and lose confidence.

The Pros:

1. The first comparisons brought up from the people who actually have seen him and heard of him are Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokuonmpo. That’s definitely a positive. Obviously Durant is one of the best players in the NBA right now and it’s also widely believed that Antetokuonmpo is loads of untapped potential.

2. Apparently both the Spurs and the Thunder were looking at him, which says something about him. That has to mean that he has the potential to be a very good player. But they are not the only ones. Rumour has it that the Jazz and Suns were also interested and they also had picks after 20th and before 37th.

3. Most importantly, the risk involved. At 20th in the draft, it’s highly unlikely that you get a player who has the potential to be a star in the league. It just doesn’t happen anymore. If Bruno has that potential it’s a great gamble to take despite him being so unknown. I always like the idea of taking a calculated risk (which I think this was) versus playing it safe with a player with little to no upside.

Especially when we’re it’s a pick near the bottom of the first round. What exactly do you have to lose other than missing out on what is most likely going to be an NBA role player? You can easily get those types of players in trades or free agency.

I’ll gladly take my chances with a 20th pick on a player that has the chance to be something special, even if there is high bust potential, rather take someone who at best is an NBA role player down the road.

Overall, I really like what I see from Capoclo. I have to give a lot of credit to Ujiri on making this pick, despite a large number of naysayers.

#37 DeAndre Daniels:
There’s not very much pro’s and con’s to a second round pick. While he is very thin, he was a key member of the championship Huskies team. He looks like he can be a decent 3& D guy in the near future as a member of the Raptors which is becoming an asset in today’s NBA.

Frankly, if you can land a second round pick who can stick around in the NBA for years, you’ve done pretty well. He has that potential if he bulks up.

With that said, there were others I would have preferred with that pick, like Jerami Grant, Glenn Robinson III, Markel Brown and Thananis Antetokounmpo. But I’m not overly disappointed with the selection either.

All in all, I’d say it was a good draft for the Raptors when you consider that they had 20, 37 and 59 (which they eventually traded). This draft for the Raptors was all about potential and upside. Sometimes, in this situation, that’s all you can ask for.


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