NCAA Tournament Picks

Midwest Region:

1. Louisville vs 16. Liberty/NC AT&T
8. Colorado State vs 9. Missouri
5. Oklahoma State vs 12. Oregon
4. Saint Louis vs 13. New Mexico State
6. Memphis vs 11. Middle Tennessee/Saint Mary’s
3. Michigan State vs 14. Valparaiso
7. Creighton vs 10. Cincinnati
2. Duke vs 15. Albany

Second Round:
1. Louisville vs 9. Missouri
5. Oklahoma State vs 4. Saint Louis
6. Memphis vs 3. Michigan State
7. Creighton vs 2. Duke

Third Round:
1. Louisville vs 5. Oklahoma State
3. Michigan State vs 7. Creighton

Fourth Round:
1. Lousville vs 3. Michigan State

West Region:

1. Gonzaga vs 16. Southern
8. Pittsburgh vs 9. Wichita State
5. Wisconsin vs 12. Ole Miss
4. Kansas State vs 13. Boise State/La Salle
6. Arizona vs 11. Belmont
3. New Mexico vs 14. Harvard
7. Notre Dame vs 10. Iowa State
2. Ohio State vs 15. Iona

Second Round:
1. Gonzaga vs 9. Wichita State
5. Wisconsin vs 4. Kansas State
6. Arizona vs 3. New Mexico
10. Iowa State vs 2. Ohio State

Third Round:
1. Gonzaga vs 5. Wisconsin
3. New Mexico vs 2. Ohio State

Fourth Round:
1. Gonzaga vs 3. New Mexico

South Region:

1. Kansas vs 16. Western Kentucky
8. North Carolina vs 9. Villanova
5. VCU vs 12. Akron
4. Michigan vs 13. South Dakota State
6. UCLA vs 11. Minnesota
3. Florida vs 14. Northwestern State
7. San Diego State vs 10. Oklahoma
2. Georgetown vs 15. Florida Gulf Coast

Second Round:
1. Kansas vs 8. North Carolina
5. VCU vs 4. Michigan
6. UCLA vs 3. Florida
7. San Diego State vs 2. Georgetown

Third Round:
1. Kansas vs 4. Michigan
3. Florida vs 2. Georgetown

Fourth Round:
1. Kansas vs 2. Georgetown

East Region:

1. Indiana vs 16. LIU Brooklyn/James Madison
8. NC State vs 9. Temple
5. UNLV vs 12. California
4. Syracuse vs 13. Montana
6. Butler vs 11. Bucknell
3. Marquette vs 14. Davidson
7. Illinois vs 10. Colorado
2. Miami vs 15. Pacific

Second Round:
1. Indiana vs 9. Temple
5. UNLV vs 4. Syracuse
6. Butler vs 3. Marquette
7. Illinois vs 2. Miami

Third Round:
1. Indiana vs 4. Syracuse
6. Butler vs 2. Miami

Fourth Round:
1. Indiana vs 2. Miami

Final Four:

1. Lousville vs 3. New Mexico
1. Kansas vs 1. Indiana

1. Louisville vs 1. Indiana

Champion: Louisville
I just think that Louisville is the most talented team out there right now. The Cardinals really have it all. Great guard play, great defense, and tournament experience- a recipe for tournament success.

Playing in the Big East, they have enough experience against the best competition, and are riding a ton of momentum from just having won the Big East tournament. Simply put, they will be a very tough team to beat. After falling just short last season, losing in the Final Four, this team probably has a chip on their shoulders.

Potential Sleepers:

Butler- A team that is always capable of making a run based on teamwork and experience rather than big time recruits. It’s also a team that is well coached by Brad Stevens, who had made consecutive trips to the finals in 2010 and in 2011. He certainly knows how to get a team to win when it counts. The Bulldogs also have impressive wins versus Marquette, North Carolina, Indiana and Gonzaga this season.

VCU- Like Butler, the Rams are another team that always seems to make some noise in the tournament. They are very well coached, and play a very aggressive style on the court. Even the most experienced back courts will have trouble versus the “havoc” of full court presses to force turnovers and disrupt the opponents offensive sets, followed by fast breaks and up tempo offense through an entire 40 minute game. The Rams also finished second in the Atlantic 10 tournament, a conference that has gotten much better.

Creighton-Has one of the most lethal scorers in all of the NCAA in Doug McDermott. The Bluejays are certainly capable of making a run if there is no one who can shut him down offensively. The Bluejays also have a very efficient offense, ranked 24th in PPG, 5th in APG, and 1st in FG%. Yes, I do have them with the upset of Duke in the second round.

Oklahoma State-Big time recruit Marcus Smart will be the key with the Cowboys. As the top point guard prospect right now, and also playing in what will likely be his one and only season of college ball, he will likely show more of the same as to why he’s a top NBA prospect. His competitiveness, leadership, defensive and offensive abilities may be enough to put the team on his back and carry them on a nice run. This is a team that has beaten Kansas State, and also almost beat Kansas twice.

Wisconsin-Maybe not your traditional “sleeper” type of team, but being ranked as a number five seed is definitely enough to call them one in my opinion. The Badgers are a physical team of tournament veterans who will grind it out with you for an entire 40 minutes stretch. Not to mention, have some pretty impressive wins this season versus Creighton, Minnesota, Ohio State, Michigan twice, and Indiana twice. The Badgers are definitely a team to watch out for.

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