2012-2013 NBA Trade Deadline- Thoughts


Overall, it was a pretty quiet trade deadline in the association. If you’ve been following the rumours over the last few weeks, it was expected to be pretty busy.

That didn’t appear to be the case when the clock struck 3:00PM EST, however.

Here’s a breakdown of the very few deals that took place on or near the deadline.


Kings/Rockets/Suns: Kings get Patrick Patterson, Toney Douglas, Cole Aldrich. Rockets get Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia, Tyler Honeycutt, Suns second round pick. Suns get Marcus Morris.

Raptors/Suns: Raptors get Sebastian Telfair. Suns get Hamed Haddadi and a second round pick.

Bucks/Magic: Bucks get J.J. Redick, Gustavo Ayon, Ish Smith. Magic get Tobias Harris, Doron Lamb, Beno Udrih.

Celtics/Wizards: Celtics get Jordan Crawford. Wizards get Leandro Barbosa and Jason Collins.

Thunder/Trailblazers: Thunder get $2.2M trade exception. Trailblazers get Eric Maynor.

Grizzlies/Heat: Grizzlies get Dexter Pittman and a second round pick. Heat get rights to Ricky Sanchez.

Knicks/Thunder: Knicks get second round pick. Thunder get Ronnie Brewer.

Mavericks/Nets: Mavericks get Anthony Morrow. Nets get Dahntay Jones.

Bobcats/Magic: Bobcats get Josh McRoberts. Magic get Hakim Warrick.

76ers/Warriors: 76ers get Charles Jenkins. Warriors get a second round pick.

Hawks/Warriors: Hawks get Jeremy Tyler. Warriors get a second round pick.



Houston Rockets: I’ll start out by saying I think that they made the best trade deadline move. Daryl Morey continues to make good moves for the team going back to trading for James Harden.

I didn’t like the initial signings of Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin in the off season. However, the additions of James Harden and now Thomas Robinson give the Rockets a very nice young core to build around. I like Robinson as the starting PF in Houston, and think that he is a steal for what the Rockets got him for. Watch out for him, I think that he will finally start to show why he was selected 5th overall in June.

Not to mention, they do have a lot of cap room to make big offers to potential free agents this offseason. Dwight Howard, perhaps? Overall, I think the Rockets made a really nice move.

Orlando Magic: The Magic are getting a couple of good pieces in return for the expiring Redick. Let’s face it, Redick needed to go if the Magic were ever going to rebuild properly.

Now, they finally appear to be in a rebuilding mode, which wasn’t necessarily the case when the initial Howard trade went down. Now, they have some good young pieces in Nicholson, Vucevic, Harkless, Lamb and Harris. Lamb was another player I thought that could be a second round steal in the draft.

It looks like they’ve positioned themselves well for the next few drafts, most notably for 2014. But, the problem is that they still need to rid themselves of Davis, Nelson, and Harington to really get the rebuild going in full swing.



Toronto Raptors: They did need to get another point guard. It’s good that they got rid of Haddadi, who looked like he would never play a single game for the Raptors. But, they gave up an awful lot for a third stringer.

I would have preferred they had went and signed someone from the D-League instead for the remainder of the season. Scott Machado, Shelvin Mack, Ben Uzoh were all worth a shot, and they would have been able to keep their second rounder.

Also, the Raptors failed to get rid of Andrea Bargnani who is clearly overstayed his welcome on the team. This could also go in the next category of teams that should have made a move. But, they did make a move. Quite frankly, they made the wrong ones, which is including the Rudy Gay trade.

Milwaukee Bucks: Basically gave up two decent prospects for what could be just a rental player in Redick. The Bucks probably would have been better off as sellers at the deadline, instead of arguably being on the buying side of things. Redick is a good player, but the Bucks don’t have a whole lot of certainty regarding the futures of Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings.

I get the feeling that Jennings does not want to be there. Plus, Ellis has already said he will be testing the free agent market, so they probably should have tried to get something in return. I think they made a mistake by holding onto them.

What they should have done was just blow it up by trading Jennings, Ellis, and possibly Ilyasova. Then continue to build around Lamb, Harris, Henson, Sanders, etc. Instead, I think that the Bucks have put themselves into a bad situation moving forward.

Sacramento Kings: I thought the Kings had solidified their future front court in Robinson and Cousins back in June.

I guess I was wrong there, because the Kings certainly didn’t feel that way. Instead, decided to move the 5th overall pick for Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, and Toney Douglas.

Really don’t know what the Kings were thinking with this one, because the last thing they needed to do was give up a player with Robinson’s potential for another backup PF and a fourth PG on the team. Patterson is a good player, but I think Robinson has a much higher ceiling.


Teams that should have made a move:

Atlanta Hawks: Josh Smith

I’m not sure what to think about Smith to be honest. The Hawks are obviously keeping their options open with trying to get Dwight Howard this summer, but Smith is going to be an UFA, and is seeking a max, or at least near max deal.

Getting Monta Ellis isn’t exactly a good deal for them, but I don’t think that Smith will be in Atlanta going into next season anyways. If they could have gotten first round picks from Milwaukee or Phoenix (rumoured teams), then I think they made a mistake by holding onto him.

Utah Jazz: Paul Millsap

I know that the Jazz are right up there in the playoff hunt, but I think keeping Millsap hurts them in the long term. Here’s a couple reasons why I think Millsap should have been moved.

One being that the Jazz already have a really good player in Favors who’s playing behind him. It’s not helping anyone with his minutes limited by being a bench player. He’s got a lot of potential, and the Jazz need to give him the chance to break out.

Two being that if the rumours that I heard were accurate, they could have moved him for Eric Bledsoe, which would have been a nice player to build around at PG. Having Bledsoe and Favors as the two new starters may have hurt the playoff chances this season, but it could have been a good move for the future of the team.

Portland Trailblazers: LaMarcus Aldridge + J.J. Hickson.

Am I the only one who sees Aldridge as a guy the Blazers should move? The Blazers started out strong in the first half of the season. But since then have been showing more of the results we were expecting of them. That is, once again being in the draft lottery.

So to me, why should they continue to hold on to Aldridge, whose value is probably at an all time high right now as an all-star player in his prime years. There’s really no use for a rebuilding team to hold onto him for much longer.

In addition, I think it only makes sense that the Trailblazers move the expiring contract of J.J. Hickson for more pieces. At $4M , he’s a steal. However, given that he’s only 24 years old, he could even be moved to PF and resigned in order to replace Alridge in a rebuild. The guy that I think the Trailblazers need to give more minutes to is rookie big man Meyers Leonard.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Anderson Varejao
Ok. Maybe they still trade him in the offseason. But, it’s hard to believe that there were no takers for the league’s top rebounder before he got injured. The Cavs were said to be asking too much for the Brazilian, but as a rebuilding team, he needs to go. It really makes no sense to keep Varejao around as the Cavs continue to rebuild.

L.A. Lakers: Pau Gasol

He clearly doesn’t fit in with the new look Lakers, nor should he continue to be coming in off the bench.

I think that Gasol was definitely tradable, despite his foot injury. So, it’s tough to say what the holdup was.

The Lakers obviously have bigger problems right now, like the supposed fued between Kobe and Dwight, and obviously, the possibility of missing the playoffs. But Pau Gasol is a problem that they probably should have addressed sooner rather than later.


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