Andrea Bargnani- Fatigued

Well, you see, a few months ago I had made a post of reasons why the Raptors need to part ways with its “star” player Andrea Bargnani.
Now, as we head into the 2012-2013 season, it appears the poster boy of endless excuses has earned himself a new reason to be traded.

Fatigue? Really? I don’t understand how any player would be fatigued after only playing in two exhibition games.

However, the comment speaks volumes as to the type of player and team mate that Andrea is. To come into training camp out of shape is not only hurtful to your team mates, but also insulting to the fans that pay money regularly to watch the Raptors play. It shows that Andrea does not care about winning, rather, about whether or not he is hitting his shots. Shooting is probably the last thing Andrea needs to worry about.

To make matters worse, consider the situation that the Raptors are currently in. The biggest debate between Raptors fans currently has to be about the status of what the team should do with Il Mago. It’s almost as if the debate is split right down the middle. Half want him to stay, hoping that Casey brings out his full potential. While the other half, which includes myself are fed up with the excuses and would like to see him be traded immediately.

This situation only helps my side of the debate.

Not only does this bring up another valid reason as to why he should be traded, but should also sway many more Bargnani supporters to finally realize he is not worth the time, money, and effort of the team.

Now, I realize it takes time to get into game shape, and that Bargnani is coming back from a recurring calf injury which caused him to miss over half of last season. However, I don’t believe that it can be used as an excuse knowing how much time he has had off to heal the injury. I am no doctor, but I can tell you it doesn’t take 5-6 months to heal a calf strain.

But, in the end, the question that has to be asked is, who is to blame for this? Bargnani has had it easy ever since coming into the league, and things haven’t changed at all even with Dwane Casey (a defensive coach, remember?). While Ed Davis has to once again take a back seat because of the double standards held by Andrea. So the fact that he feels no pressure to get better or stay in shape does not surprise me at all, because he knows that no matter what, he’s the number one guy.

Frankly, I’m tired, or rather, “fatigued” of the excuses, and wouldn’t put blame on any player who wanted out of Toronto right now.

What does surprise me is the constant praise he still gets from Bryan Colangelo, who coincidentally, is the same person who drafted him. Now, if the Raptors still feel as if Bargnani’s work ethic or lack thereof is not a problem, well, then both Andrea and Colangelo need to be let go.

Wake up Bryan, and hold all of your players accountable, and not just the young players.

Ever since last year, all I’ve heard is “Bargnani getting back to those 13 games” from every Bargnani supporter that’s left. Well, at this rate, Bargnani won’t even last 13 games. He’ll be too tired.


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